4 Bedroom House Plan Examples (2023)

Smaller families may appreciate the flexibility a 4 bedroom house plan provides. A family with one or two children ends up with at least one room (possibly two) to use as a guest suite, home office, or gym.

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A 4 bedroom house plan's average size is close to 2000 square feet (about 185 m2). You'll usually find a living room, dining room, kitchen, two and a half to three bathrooms, and four medium-size bedrooms in this size floor plan. To maximize the living space, a 4 bedroom house plan may utilize a great room consisting of a combined living and dining room overlooked by the kitchen - this layout can provide a lot of functionality in less space.


If you move up in size to a 2500 sq ft (just under 250 m2) or larger house plan, you'll likely be able to fit three to four bathrooms, larger bedrooms, and perhaps a separate family room.

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The lot size required for a 4 bedroom house plan depends on whether the layout is one story, two story, or even three story. In general, a multi-level house will fit on a smaller size lot. Speaking of lot size, make sure that you know the "buildable area"within an overall property. Depending on the property's city or municipality, lot sizes can be subject to setbacks, maximum buildable coverage, and other zoning and planning restrictions. So it's essential to do your homework for the area you are considering building.

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Regarding cost, it's interesting to note that a two story house can be less expensive to build than a single story home. The lot size for a two story home can be smaller and thus, may cost less. Additionally, a two story house has less foundation and less roof area, two areas with high cost. A one story home with a more extensive roof area and foundation, plus a more significant lot requirement, can be the more expensive option.

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As you peruse 4 bedroom house plans, it's essential to consider your needs and ideal floor plan. One significant consideration is the location of the bedrooms. For example

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  • If all the bedrooms are for you and your children, do you want the master bedroom separate from the other three bedrooms to have a quiet retreat for the parents? This layout may be a great choice if you have older children. Or, perhaps with younger children, you prefer grouped bedrooms close to each other.
  • If you have earmarked one bedroom for a home office, where is the best location? If you will have visitors, perhaps on the lower level, near the front door, or even with its own access from outside.
  • If you've reserved a bedroom for a guest or in-law suite, you may want it on the ground floor, separate from the other bedrooms for privacy.

Other top considerations:

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  • If accessibility is a factor, you may prefer that the entire house be a single story.
  • Don''t overlook the bathroom setup. Can your kids share a bathroom? If not, and you want each bedroom to have its own bathroom, plus you want a powder bath near the living room, you will want to look at plans with four and a half bathrooms. It's also important that you consider the bathrooms' location - for example, if you have a guest suite, is there a full bathroom nearby that guests can use? If you will use one bedroom as an office for clients, is there an adjacent powder or half bath?


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